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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Renowned Political Leader; Human Rights Activist; Best-selling Author

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1969. The daughter of a political opponent of the Somali dictatorship, Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up in exile, moving from Saudi…


Jim Avila

Senior National Correspondent, ABC News & White House Correspondent, Fusion

Award-winning journalist Jim Avila is the Senior National Correspondent and 20/20 Correspondent based in Los Angeles. In this role, he specializes in law and justice and consumer investigations. A versatile…


Gary Bauer

Politician and Activist. President, American Values

Gary L. Bauer is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values.   Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and…


David Blankenhorn

Activist, Founder and President of the Institute for American Values, co-director of The Marriage Opportunity Council, and the author of Fatherless America and The Future of Marriage

David Blankenhorn is founder and president of the Institute for American Values, a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to study and strengthen civil society. He is the author of Fatherless…


Daniel Callahan

Philosopher in the field of biomedical ethics

The nation's leading medical ethicist, Daniel Callahan is founder of the Hastings Center which studies ethical issues in such fields as medicine and life sciences. An expert on how our…


Ben Casnocha

Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Executive in Silicon Valley; Co-Authored "The Start-Up of You" & "The Alliance"

Ben Casnocha is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and executive in Silicon Valley. He is co-author with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman of the recent New York Times best seller The Alliance:…


Gordon G. Chang

Lawyer and Author; Best Known for His Book "The Coming Collapse of China"

Gordon G. Chang is the author of Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World, released by Random House in January 2006.  Showdown focuses on nuclear proliferation in general and…


Randy Cohen

Writer and Humorist known as the author of The Ethicist column in The New York Times Magazine between 1999 and 2011

For 12 years, Randy Cohen penned "The Ethicist," a weekly column for The New York Times Magazine syndicated throughout the US and Canada. The column answered readers' ethical questions on…


Terry Eastland

Publisher, President, and CEO of The American Spectator & The American Spectator Online, a contributor to “The Rule of Law” column in the Wall Street Journal and author of Ending Affirmative Action

Terry Eastland is publisher of The Weekly Standard, which has been described by CNN as “the oracle of American politics.”  His recent articles in The Standard have addressed major issues…


Danny Glover

Acclaimed Actor, Humanitarian & Leading Social Activist

Actor, director, producer, and political activist Danny Glover has also become known for his community activism and philanthropic work. A San Francisco native, Glover trained at the Black Actors’ Workshop…


Dr. Temple Grandin

World-Famous Animal Scientist, Autism Self-Advocate, Author of "Thinking in Pictures: My Life With Autism"

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is one of the most accomplished and well-known adults with autism in the world. Her life, with all its challenges and successes, was brought to the screen…


Drew G. I. Hart

Teacher, Blogger, Author and Activist

Drew G. I. Hart is a professor in theology, an author, and an activist with ten years of pastoral experience. His undergraduate work was in biblical studies at Messiah College,…


Jesse Jackson

Civil Rights Activist & Politician

The Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, president and founder of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, is one of America's foremost political figures. Called the "conscience of the nation" and "the great unifier," he…


Jonathan Kozol

Educator & Social Justice Advocate

In the passion of the civil rights campaigns of 1964 and 1965, Jonathan Kozol gave up the prospect of a promising career in the academic world, moved from Harvard Square…


Howard Kurtz

Journalist and Author with a special focus on the media. He is the host of Fox News Channel's Media Buzz program, and the successor to Fox News Watch

Howard Kurtz currently serves as host of Fox News Channel's (FNC) "MediaBuzz" (Sundays 11 a.m.-12 p.m. ET). Based in Washington, D.C., he joined the network in July 2013 and debuted…