Everything went really well with our speaker. Thank you for everything! We had our speaker booked before Covid hit and PDA was with us every step of the way as we need to reschedule few times.

Thank you,

Joni Sabo

CRDN, Sales Conference

Feburary 16th 2022

Hi! Let me start off by saying: Jason Collins WAS amazing! I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many speakers throughout the years and Jason is definitely up there in terms of being personable, wonderful, and fantastic to work with. I’ve talked to many participants and they have expressed nothing but positive remarks about Jason’s time with us. Our meet and greet with Jason went well, as a facilitator it was wonderful to know Jason knew how to handle/manage a group of people even virtually. I think what helped is having that meet and greet with him before, another moderator and myself were in the meet and greet before and it was great to have a little get to know you out of the way before the discussion.

Again, fantastic! Hoping to work together with PDA in the future again. Thank you!

Elon University - Gender & LGBTQIA Center

Feburary 16th 2022

Everything was great! It was actually our biggest dinner ever and all the attendees really really enjoyed Steven's keynote! When we initially announced Steven as our keynote in the fall, the entire room erupted in cheers, so it was great to see the response to Steven's speech and the experiences he shared at our dinner. Just wanted to thank you, your team, and Steven Lim, for helping us create a meaningful and successful event. We really appreciate your help and support throughout this process. Thank you!

Asian Heritage Celebration at IUPUI

July 13th 2021

We could not rave more about Sheyann Webb-Christburg! She was the keynote speaker for our event and set the tone perfectly for the rest of the content and conversations to come. Our audience was moved by her words and story and inspired to act – in unity – hard work – persistence – adversity and of course overcoming obstacles to continue the march to rebuild our communities together. Thank you PDA for your recommendation!

Prosperity Indiana

15 Jan 2021

Lesley Stahl's speech was very positively received! Everyone enjoyed her humor, candor, and wide-breath of knowledge. Can't wait to use PDA Group again!.


3rd Dec 2019

Our attendees LOVED Daryl and his message. I cannot begin to count how many people stopped me and said how much they were inspired by his words. A favorite quote shared with me, “He is a hero. He didn’t talk. He acted. And he acted with peace in his heart to create more peace.” I was personally impressed his willingness to spend the day with our attendees. I’ve been in the meeting and event industry for a long time and can’t recall the last time I saw a speaker spend the amount of time he did with ours. Please pass along our very sincere thanks to Daryl.! and of course thank you PDA Group for all the hard work.


3rd Dec 2019

Ernie was perfect for our Elders Conference at Little River Casino Resort in Manistee, Michigan. We will definitely be using PDA again!

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

3rd Dec 2019

Everything went great! and our speaker was wonderful! Thank you so much for all your help PDA! Looking forward to the next one.

University of Missouri – Kansas City

2nd Dec 2019

We had a fantastic day with Inge! She was very engaging with all those that attended. Her personal stories about the holocaust were very special and we were moved that she was willing to share them with everyone. Thank you again, PDA for all your hard work and dedication to make this program such a success!

Salt Lake Community College

18th Nov 2019

Thank you again, Dr. Kimbrough, for a great presentation, our attendees are still talking about it!

Campus Labs
18th July 2019

The event was successful! I received many messages expressing how awesome, outstanding and inspiring Ms. Webb-Christburg's speech was."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Breakfast, Boston ,MLK Speaker

22th Jan 2019

Dr. Novello left this morning after a very successful event on our campus! Thank you PDA Group for your help from the first phone to the last you were with us every step of the way.

Grand Valley State University

17th Oct 2017

On behalf of myself and my organization Entertainment Unlimited the Campus Programming Board of Ferris State University, we thank you PDA and Dan for a successful event!! Dan was magnificent! Students really enjoyed the presentation. I know I did. Can't wait to bring in more programs with PDA Group.

Ferris State University

1st May 2017

It was a great pleasure to work with PDA Group! The communication was always prompt, friendly and helpful. We loved the speakers and events we booked through Mr. Peter Walker (PDA Group).

Western Michigan University

2nd Jan 2017

Thank you, Peter, for all your help, you'll be happy to know that the event went incredibly well! Aneesa Ferreira was by far one of the best speakers we've ever had!

Furman University

20th May 2016

Being our first experience with your agency and having a great experience with the performer and you, I wanted to inquire what other forms of entertainment you offer around the same price; as this is our spending range. Thank you!

Northern State University

18th May 2016

Just a quick note to let you know Ms. Webb-Christburg did an outstanding job. Comments ranged from mesmerizing to inspirational. The students, faculty, staff, and community all enjoyed her presentations. It was a joy working with Ms. Webb-Christburg. She just went with the flow. Thank you again, Peter, for helping us make this event happen!

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

15th Jan 2016

Allegra Goodman's lecture last night was wonderful! She’s a wonderful speaker and a very lovely person. We can't thank you enough PDA Group you guys helped us from the start to the finish!

Indiana University, South Bend

19th Nov 2015

Coach Ken Carter was fantastic! You were both inspirational and motivational. Thank you for a wonderful performance. People like you make the world a better place. Thank you PDA Group for all your help.

Ball State University

17th Feb 2015

Everything went very well. Mr. Johnson did a great job of interacting with the students and Q&A. Thank you again, Peter, for your recommendation!

Claflin University
19th Jan 2015

"I wanted to thank you for your services for our event. Peter and your team have been fantastic throughout this entire process. You made our event run so smooth with the assembly of Gavin's crew and setup. I am so happy we used your company to book Gavin and will 100% recommend you in the future."

Corporate Event featuring Gavin DeGraw

17th Sept 2014

"The service provided by PDA Speakers was most helpful. We were able to give an outline of what we wanted and had some great suggestions given for the most suitable speakers. We would be happy to book through PDA Group again!"

Program Chair ,University of Chicago

17th Sept 2014

Thank you, Peter, for helping us bring in the cast from MTV'S Real World to Furman University. They were great!

Mary Catherine Wilder Program Chair ,Furman University

17th Sept 2014

"Thank you, Peter, for arranging Jay Sean to sing at my son's Bar Mitzvah".

Private Client, Bar Mitzvah featuring Jay Sean

17th Sept 2014

"Our organization has been dealing with PDA Speakers Bureau for many years. We have found both the content and quality of the speaker exceptional, making our meetings much more successful. Peter from PDA Group continues to introduce new ideas for our consideration and is a true pleasure to work with. Thank you, PDA for a job well done."

Program Chair ,University of Alabama
17th Sept 2014

Our thanks again to PDA Group for your help in setting up this year's program. You really helped me out in terms of saving time and I appreciated your ability to suggest speakers who were in keeping with the goals of our program.

Melissia Schmidt, Program Chair ,University of Rochester

17th May 2014

Rosalyn McMillan was great! Everyone really enjoyed her. Thank you, Peter Walker, for your help to bringing her to our campus!

Claflin University

22th Jan 2014

Coach Dick Vermeil was fabulous. Thanks for the assist on getting him booked for our show.

The Coach joined our board for dinner on Tuesday night. Our attendees really enjoyed having him there and I think he had a good time too but really thank you again PDA for all your hard work and cant wait to use you guys again!

ACA International, Business Conference

Augest 3rd 2021

Our speaker was great and the crowd enjoyed her! She was very engaging. Thank you again PDA for the great list of suggestions!

Medtronic, Latino Managers Summit

2nd Dec 2019

I hope that this message finds you well. We had a phenomenal time with Atsuko this past Thursday. We wanted to just let you know how amazing she was. All those that were in attendance thoroughly enjoyed her and had nothing but amazing things to say about her. Thank you for working with us to make sure this happened!

Baylor University Campus, Asian Heritage Speaker

2nd Dec 2019

Dear PDA Group,

Thank you so much for your hard work in scheduling our speaker! From the moment we reached out to you the first time, you worked with us on all details and logistics and kept us up-to-date on the progress. Thank you for all your hard work on making our event such a success! We couldn't have done it without you and your team!

SAP Company

29th Oct 2019

Dr. Henry Lee's presentation was entertaining, insightful and wise. I, and everyone at Pfizer, especially appreciate the remarks you directed about following your passion and preparing yourself to excel. Thank you, everyone, at PDA for helping to make this happen!


23th May 2019

Everything went well. Atsuko was very easy to work with and the students enjoyed her performance! Thank you again for your recommendation and I hope to work with you again in the future!

Central Michigan University

14th Nov 2018

Jordan Carlos was very very entertaining! A majority of students who answered the event survey indicated they really enjoyed Jordan and definitely will bring him back!

Western Carolina University

30th Aug 2017

Ms. Webb-Christburg, it was an honor to host you on our campus. Your speech was well received by everyone in attendance, and provided students with an incredible opportunity to learn about you and hear your views on a number of important topics. As you could probably tell, students had a phenomenal time at the event and your speech was thoroughly enjoyed.

University of Vermont ,MLK Speaker

1st Mar 2017

Everything went fantastic. I hope that Viola Davis and her family felt welcomed and enjoyed their time in Portland and participating in our event. The impact of her keynote was humbling and inspiring. She left our audience filled with hope and a charge to help change the world. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Concordia University

19th Dec 2016

The feedback on Ilyasah Shabazz was great! She was very receptive and spent a lot of time answering questions and making a personal connection with the students. Thank you Peter for all your hard work!

Claflin University

9th Feb 2016

PDA Group assisted us in securing the services of Mr. Montel Williams as a Keynote Speaker for one of our signature events in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014. Peter was very helpful and professional and was in constant communication with us regarding our needs and concerns. We would definitely utilize his services in the future and would recommend him to other organizations without hesitation!

Linda D.Bradley, MD - Cleveland Clinic

21th Dec 2015

"The Langston Hughes Project attracted the most diverse audience I have ever seen on our campus. Young and old, black and white, students and teachers, university administrators and community members all enjoyed the celebration of the artistic accomplishments and contributions of black Americans. In addition to being a fine musical performance and an exquisite display of African-American art and poetry, the Langston Hughes Project fosters an atmosphere of racial reconciliation and understanding."

Dr. Peter Madsen ,University of Nebraska-Omaha
3rd Mar 2015

Everything went wonderfully. Sherry Brantley was fantastic! and she was the right choice for us at this time. Thanks again for all your help.

Nazareth College

5th Feb 2015

Mr. Alex Rosner's moving presentation to our students at Bucknell University made such an important difference in their understanding of the human dimension of the Holocaust. Mr. Rosner's shared his and his family's pain, but he also helped students understand their responsibility to always do the right thing--a message that resonated strongly with them. I am so grateful to Mr. Roser for his willingness to share his experiences for making it possible for my students and others to learn first hand about this terrible period in history. Thank you, Peter and PDA for all your help!

Bucknell University

14th Jan 2015

My interaction with Peter was great as always. This is the second year we have used PDA Speakers. We have never been disappointed with the authors that have visited us.

Program Chair ,University Of Michigan

17th Sept 2014

"Thank you PDA Group for your assistance on bringing Russell Simmons Def Poetry to our campus!"

Simone Dozier ,University of South Carolina

17th Sept 2014

"We were looking for a smaller-scale, lower budgeted for our comedy series and Peter Walker gave us some great suggestions of comedians!"

Audrey Cawley ,Fordham University

17th Sept 2014

We are fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with PDA Group and find them very easy to work with. I know that almost as soon as I email Peter about a guest speaker, I receive a reply and an early confirmation of the booking. This really helps us with our forward planning. We will continue to work with PDA in the future.

Christine Kennedy ,Program Chair University of Texas

17th Sept 2014

PDA Group is the best. Thank you for helping us bring in MTV Jersey Shore Cast. Huge success!!

Ashley Weber ,Augustana College

16th May 2014

Thank you, Peter Walker, for your assistance in bringing Hill Harper to our School. Such a success!

Taylor Reeves ,President African American Student Alliance

16th May 2014

Douglas Tompkins was Outstanding!! Thank you, Peter for all your hard work.

Natural Products Expo East

23th Sept 2013