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Stephen E. Murphy & Javier F. Peña

Retired DEA Special Agents & Subjects of Netflix’s Narcos

The former DEA Special Agents in Charge responsible for the capture and downfall of infamous Medellín cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar, Stephen Murphy and Javier Peña.


Frank W. Abagnale

Acclaimed Subject of the Book, Movie, and Broadway Play "Catch Me If You Can"; Security Consultant and former Trickster

Frank W. Abagnale is one of the world's most respected authorities on the subjects of forgery, embezzlement and secure documents. For over thirty years he has lectured to and consulted…


Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Ghanaian Undercover Journalist; Founder, Tiger Eye Media. Zanetor Voted 2016 Most Influential Ghanaians

Anas Aremeyaw Anas is an undercover journalist, attorney and private detective working in Ghana and across the African continent. In disguise, he finds his way into asylums, brothels, prisons, orphanages…


Rachel’s Challenge

International Speaker & Author | Rachel's Challenge. Father of Rachel Joy Scott, a victim at Columbine High

Darrell Scott is an international speaker and author of 8 published books.  Darrell lost his daughter, Rachel, in the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999. He is the co-founder of…


Bo Dietl

Former New York City Police Department Detective and a Media Personality known for contributing on the Fox News Network and Imus in the Morning

Richard "Bo" Dietl was a New York City Police Officer and Detective from June 1969 until he retired in 1985. Bo was one of the most highly decorated detectives in…

Anthony E. Zuiker

Anthony E. Zuiker

Creator and Executive Producer of the CSI Franchise & Technology Visionary

Zuiker lends his journey from tram driver to television visionary in an inspiring and motivational program that ignites ambition and brings audiences to their feet.


Judge Mablean Ephriam

Divorce Court Judge, Relationship Expert, Licensed Mediator & Family Law Attorney

Judge Mablean Ephriam is one of the most recognized jurists in America. She attributes her success to God, her family and close friends. Her faith, religion and trust in God…


Judge Alex Ferrer

Television Personality, Lawyer, and Retired Judge who presided as the arbitrator on Judge Alex

Alex Ferrer’s family fled communist Cuba to the United States when he was just a baby. Starting a new life in America, his parents exchanged well-paying careers with an American…


Judge Glenda Hatchett

Known from her nationally syndicated television show "Judge Hatchett" and Child Advocate

Nobody gets results like Judge Glenda Hatchett. A visionary on the bench, she is renowned for her unique way of determining justice in an innovative, authoritative manner. Well known for…


Daniel Hernandez

Former Congressional Intern Credited with Saving Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford

Daniel Hernandez Jr., is a native Arizonan, lifelong Democrat, and Member of the Arizona State Legislature representing South Tucson, Sahuarita, Green Valley and Santa Cruz County. He currently serves on…


Dr. Henry Lee

Forensic Scientist and Speaker

Dr. Henry C. Lee is one of the world’s foremost forensic scientists. Dr. Lee’s work has made him a landmark in modern-day forensic sciences. He has been a prominent player…


Dennis M. Lormel

Former Chief of the FBI’s Financial Crimes Program

Dennis M. Lormel is President of AML Associates. Mr. Lormel retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in December 2003, following over 30 years of government service, almost 28…


Aaron Maybin

Art-Activist, Educator and Former NFL Football Player

Aaron Maybin is a 29-year-old Art-Activist and former professional football player from Baltimore City, Maryland. Selected as the 11th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills…


DeRay Mckesson

Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter Activist

DeRay Mckesson is an organizer, activist, and educator focused primarily on issues of innovation, equity and justice. Born and raised in Baltimore, he graduated from Bowdoin College and has advocated…


Jeremy Meeks

Former Criminal Turned Model from Stockton, California

Jeremy Meeks is a convicted felon who rose to fame after his sexy mugshot was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department. He was arrested and charged…