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A Tribute To Bob Marley

Celebrating Peace, Unity and One Love!

A Tribute To Bob Marley - Celebrating Peace, Unity and One Love!The night feature performances by international artists Pey Dalid, C and NOAH of the band SOULFARM, I-Joe Morris, Cliff…


Does God Exist?

A Debate Between R. Douglass Geivett, Ph.D. and Michael Shermer, Ph.D

This debate pushes the boundaries of our faith and how we believe. While three of the world’s most widespread religions, Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism, sit atop the headlines, there are…


Dr. Miriam Adahan

Self Help, Judaism and Psychology

Dr. Miriam Adahan, author, lecturer and renowned psychotherapist, is famous throughout the Jewish world for her sensitive advice and her highly effective EMETT ("Emotional Maturity Established Through Torah") system for…


Rebecca Adamson

Cherokee Businessperson and Advocate. She is former director, former president, and founder of First Nations Development Institute and the founder of First Peoples Worldwide

Rebecca Adamson, a Cherokee, is the founder and president of First Nations Development Institute. She has worked directly with grassroots tribal communities and as a national advocate of local tribal…


Mahnaz Afkhami

Founder and President of Women's Learning Partnership, the Executive Director of the Foundation for Iranian Studies and the former Minister of Women's Affairs in Iran's Pre-Revolution government

Mahnaz Afkhami is Founder and President of Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development, and Peace (WLP), Executive Director of Foundation for Iranian Studies, and former Minister of State for Women's…


Is There Life After Death?

Parapsychologist, Author and Professor at the University of Arizona and reveals his research and findings with “Experimental Foundations of Energy Healing”

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, is professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery at the University of Arizona, Tucson, where he is director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness…


Karen Armstrong

Author and Thinker on the Role of Religion in the Modern World

Karen Armstrong is the most original and inclusive speaker on the role of religion in the modern world. Her bestselling books, including "A History of God," and sought-after talks examine…


Rabbi Shlomo Aviner

Best-Selling Author of over 50 works, ranging from philosophy to Jewish Law

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner is the best-selling author of over 50 works, ranging from philosophy to Jewish Law. He is considered to be a prominent voice on current events and topics…


Michele Bachmann


Former Minnesota Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann became the first Republican woman elected to represent Minnesota in the U.S. House of Representatives. She was listed in Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”…


Lester Barrie

Stand-Up Comedian and Christian Preacher

It was the God fearing church-going grandmother of Lester Barrie who first suggested he would someday be a gospel preacher, and at age 21, accepting his calling, preach is what…


John Batchelor

Author and Host of The John Batchelor Show Radio News Magazine

On September 12, 2001, the day after the fall of the Twin Towers, WABC-AM in New York City recruited John Batchelor to go on the air until Osama bin Laden…


Lewis Black

Stand-Up Comedian, Actor and Author; Former Correspondent on "The Daily Show"

Lewis Black is one of the most prolific and popular performers working today. He executes a brilliant trifecta as stand-up comedian, actor and author. Receiving critical acclaim, he performs over…


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Award-Winning National TV Show, Shalom in the Home on TLC & International Best-Selling Author

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, is the international best-selling author of 16 books and host of the national TV show, Shalom in the Home on TLC (The Learning Channel). His latest work,…


Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

President, Professor of Unitarian Universalist Ministry and Heritage Executive Staff, Full-time Core Faculty, Trustee

The Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt became President of Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA on July 1, 2014.  For 13 years, she was Senior Minister of The Fourth…


Calvin Butts

Pastor, Abyssinian Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III, is Pastor of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, and President of SUNY College at Old Westbury. Rev. Butts was one of the founders,…