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Pastor Cal Roberson

Pastor Cal Roberson

Author, TV. Personality, Host of Married At First Sight

Audiences might be surprised to know that the dynamic host of Married at First Sight began his professional life as an investment banker. These early professional experiences taught Roberson’s the importance of tenacity, resilience, and adaptability, all of which is evident in his work today. Pairing these skills with his natural gift of discernment, his unique ability…

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Calvin (Cal) has been helping build and restore relationships for 20+ years. Having done graduate studies in theology and post graduate studies in law, Calvin has been able to marry academia with his natural gifting of discernment to (literally) save countless relationships from demise. His unique ability to resolve toxic conflict has propelled Cal into an international platform as the Relationship Expert with major television networks like, A&E, LifetimeTV and FYI. Calvin is currently in his eleventh season of Lifetime’s number one (unscripted) show, Married at First Sight. His undeniable talent has earned him expert status on additional shows like, Honeymoon Island, Happily Ever After, MAFS Second Chances, Unmatchables, etc.

Cal is truly an expert in all things “relationship,” so it’s no surprise he is also a sought-after Keynote Speaker in both the corporate and religious industries.

His pre-television corporate professional life was as a result of pure tenacity, resilience, and adaptability. His position as a registered NYSE Financial Exec. was birthed out of a cold call he made with no experience in the financial industry. Calvin’s ability to extract and ingurgitate knowledge from his environment, elevated him to executive status in each different industry he entered. After landing his first job as an investment broker with Smith Barney, he moved on as Vice President of investments at First Tennessee Bank (the first black person ever to hold that position), then, as regional Vice President at Allianz Global Investors.

When the financial market crashed Calvin redirected his focus to corporate consulting, where he used all of his expertise to inspire, motivate and activate others. Calvin has always had a love for the arts so when the nationally renowned Duke Ellington School of the Arts hired him as a consultant, and then requested to have him full time as Dean of Arts, he jumped at the opportunity to bring inspiration to the lives of high schoolers. Calvin’s public speaking and consulting business was a natural fit with the Dean of Arts position but in efforts of contributing even more to inquiring minds, he served as an adjunct professor at Virginia University of Lynchburg and Washington Adventist University, in his spare time.

Cal is also a published author of the acclaimed book Marriage Ain’t for Punks, from Faith Words Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group. In it he offers a straightforward, unapologetic dive into why relationships fail and what tools are necessary to secure happy and fulfilling connections for the long haul.

“Intelligent, charismatic, integrous, likable, relatable…” are all adjectives used by others to describe Calvin N. Roberson. He takes possession of these qualities whether in front of a camera, on stage or behind the scenes in private dialogue. Calvin believes that it is possible for us all to live our best lives no matter the circumstances; we are all whelmed with the strength to overcome, overtake, and overachieve, it’s up to us to access and use that strength… Calvin’s desire to activate others into being their best selves drives his passion for public speaking and television.

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