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The Hypnotist – The Best Hypnotist on the Planet

An experienced performer with more than 20 years experience and 5,000+ shows at colleges, universities, clubs, corporate and festival events.  Sailesh has changed the minds of skeptics everywhere with his…


Chris Angel

Master Magician and Illusionist, Star of "Criss Angel Mindfreak" on A&E Network

For over a decade, Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic as the biggest name on the planet. His visionary approach to the art escapes the confines of tradition…


Michael C. Anthony

Award-Winning Speaker and Show “Hypnotized” is a critically acclaimed hypnotic masterpiece that is considered the best of it's kind in the world

It all started when Michael Anthony was 9 years old, and it started all wrong. He stole a deck of playing cards from a store near his home and was…


Dave Barry

The Best-Selling Humorist of Our Time

Dave Barry has been a professional humorist ever since he discovered that professional humor was a lot easier than working. For many years he wrote a newspaper column that appeared…


David Blaine

Magician, Illusionist and Endurance Artist

David Blaine was born in Brooklyn, New York. He started doing magic at age four. His first trick was the pencil-through-card gizmo that you can still buy. When he was…


The Raspyni Brothers

Guinness Record-Holding Juggling Team

Barry Raspyni and Dan Raspyni, since his arrival on Income Tax Day in 1962, the taller Raspyni Brother has skyrocketed to an imposing 6' 1", while maintaining a very sleek…


Brian Brushwood

Performs magic, fire eating, sleight of hand, mind reading, and escapes. America's #1 College Magic Show

Brian Brushwood, the self-described Bizarre Magician known for his studies of carnival sideshow performers, began his own magic career in 1993. He has since garnered the support and admiration of…


Michael Carbonaro

Actor, Magician & Improv Artist

Known for his original hidden camera magic series, THE CARBONARO EFFECT on truTV, Michael Carbonaro has been seen on television in shows such as Happily Divorced, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy,…


David Copperfield

Illusionist, described by Forbes as the most commercially successful magician in history

David Copperfield has been hailed by audiences the world over as the greatest magician of our time. After years of successful network specials and extensive touring, he has been seen…


Julius Dein

Magician and Social Media Entrepreneur

Born and raised in London, Julius Dein has fast become one of the world’s most recognized social media stars. Mixing together mind-blowing magic with hilarious pranks and travel culture, Julius…


Jon Dorenbos

Former NFL Long Snapper, Host, Magician, Advocate

Jon Dorenbos played 14 seasons in the NFL, notably making the Pro Bowl twice as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2016, Jon competed on America’s Got Talent where…


The Evasons

Mentalist Duo. Award-Winning husband and wife entertainers who guarantee amazement and laughter with their interactive show

During the early 19th century, a small number of married couples gained significant notoriety with performances called Second Sight. The Evasons are one of very few couples in history who…


Wayne Hoffman

Mentalist, Illusionist, and Motivational Speaker. He appeared on several national and international television shows and appeared on America's Got Talent

Multi-award winning performer Wayne Hoffman is recognized as one of the top mentalists in the world. He currently tours the world with his stage show “Mind Candy” and his motivational…


Derek Hughes

Magician/Comedian Act from Season 10 of America's Got Talent, Derek Hughes is the entertainer who does it all! His show is equal parts Comedy, Magic and Mysticism and 100% incredible!

Derek Hughes is a magician in demand. He's created original deception for MTV's Room 401, Justin Willman's YouTube series Magic Meltdown, and Michael Carbonaro's hilarious appearances as the Magic Clerk…


Ghost Hunters

An Evening With "Ghost Hunters"

Jason Hawes and his team of paranormal investigators, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) investigate paranormal activity across the country.These two real-life paranormal researchers will discuss the most convincing and controversial…