Chris Angel

Master Magician and Illusionist, Star of "Criss Angel Mindfreak" on A&E Network

For over a decade, Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic as the biggest name on the planet. His visionary approach to the art escapes the confines of tradition and has given birth to a new breed of modern mysticism. Oprah Winfrey hailed, “Criss is the best, the best, THE BEST!” From his role…

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For over a decade, Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic as the biggest name on the planet. His visionary approach to the art escapes the confines of tradition and has given birth to a new breed of modern mysticism. Oprah Winfrey hailed, “Criss is the best, the best, THE BEST!”

From his role as star, creator, Executive Producer and Director of his hugely successful A&E television series Criss Angel MINDFREAK, to his spectacular live show Criss Angel BeLIEve at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and star of and creator of countless television specials, books, music CD’s and more – Criss has redefined the term “artist” for the 21st century.

His acclaimed series MINDFREAK on A&E is the most successful magic show in television history, resulting in more hours of magic during prime time than any other magic show ever! It continues to be viewed regularly by more than 100 million viewers per season in over 90 countries. The broadcast of the live “Building Implosion” episode drew a crowd police estimated at 50,000 to the venue in Clearwater, Florida – the largest crowd for any magician, rivaling Houdini.

On January 29, 2013 it was announced that Criss would begin a new television series for Spike, who have ordered 11 one-hour episodes. “Spike is thrilled to be able to showcase the amazing talents of Criss Angel,” said Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President, original series, Spike TV. Criss will reveal the creative process and some of his secret methods for the very first time, while showcasing revolutionary demonstrations for viewers this fall that he promises to be “bigger, badder and better than ever!”

Angel is also the most watched magician in Internet history – a YouTube sensation. His “Walk on Water” clip has generated over 46 million views alone, and all of his clips combined have generated more than 200 million views. He has recently launched live-streamed events on his Criss Angel YouTube channel, and posts exclusive content there frequently.

In 2008, Criss also partnered with Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts International to serve as writer/director, illusion designer and star of his spectacular live show Criss Angel BeLIEve. A visual feast, with over 40 of the most unique and astonishing illusions, BeLIEve is performed live eight to ten shows per week and will continue its 10 year run through 2018 exclusively at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It has been the #1 best selling live magic show in the world since it opened, with the Toronto Star raving, “The show is easily the most exciting thing now on stage in Vegas!” The BBC proclaimed that BeLIEve is “The ONLY A+ rated magic show in Vegas and I’ve seen them all!” while Newsweek touted “Great show!” The Las Vegas Review Journal’s “Best Of Vegas” Readers Choice poll unanimously agreed, naming Criss Angel as the “Best Magician In Vegas,” and Gaming Today also hailed Criss “Entertainer Of The Year”.

In late 2012 Criss signed an exclusive, multi-million dollar worldwide distribution deal with Fun Inc./ Royal Magic Distributor. Fun Inc. (recently purchased by business entrepreneur David Michals) said, ” We could not be more excited about our partnership with Criss Angel and MagicPlace.” Fun Inc. will be releasing a minimum of one MP/Criss Angel Presents product globally each month. MagicPlace produces the best original magic for retail. A previous partnership to distribute his successful high-quality magic kits on television, on-line and in 50,000 retail stores in the U.S. resulted in sales of over $30m globally.

In 2011, Criss’ brand power continued to evolve when he was chosen to co-create and appear in a new commercial campaign for Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowl. His casting proved to be a huge coup for the brand as the spot was the number one most recalled commercials during its campaign – topping Ford®, McDonald’s® and Kraft® Macaroni & Cheese – according to Nielsen and got picked up for runs in other countries.

Angel’s book, Criss Angel MINDFREAK: Secret Revelations (Harper Collins) was a national bestseller and is now in multiple printings. Criss is also an accomplished musician, having produced and performed on five self-titled CD’s – which accompany all of his live performances and TV appearances.

Criss has received numerous awards throughout his career. He has been named Magician of the Year an unprecedented six times, including from The Magic Castle – far more than any other magician. He was the youngest magician inducted into the International Magicians Society Hall of Fame. Criss was also presented with a lifetime achievement award, The World Magic Legacy Award “A Living Legend,” at The World of Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. Additionally, Criss was recently named the first recipient of Magician of the Decade, as well as Magician of the Century and Innovator of the Decade. Criss received an International Magic Lifetime Achievement Award and was unanimously selected as the recipient of the 22nd Louie Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Art of Magic.

Criss is tireless in his ongoing efforts to help children through his charitable foundation; BeLIEve Anything is Possible – A JDS Foundation. He has also received the Male Wish Granter of the Year Award and the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award as a result of his work and dedication to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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