Domestic Violence


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Mohammed Bilal

Poet, Musician & Social Educator

Mohammed Bilal is best known as "the even-tempered, dread- locked rapper guy” on MTV's Real World III: San Francisco. He is also a diversity consultant, a musician, a poet, and…


Chet Cannon

From MTV's Real World: Brooklyn

Chet Cannon is truly a one of a kind. Whether conducting interviews with A-list musicians like Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, performing daring maneuvers on a snowboard, or demonstrating…


Annie E. Clark

Women's Rights, Author and Civil Rights Activist. She was one of the lead complainants of the 2013 Title IX and Clery Act charges lodged against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Annie E. Clark is a co-founder of EROC, and a lead complainant in the Title IX and Clery complaints against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she…


Judge Mablean Ephriam

Divorce Court Judge, Relationship Expert, Licensed Mediator & Family Law Attorney

Judge Mablean Ephriam is one of the most recognized jurists in America. She attributes her success to God, her family and close friends. Her faith, religion and trust in God…


Robin Givens

Actress, Author, and Domestic Abuse Awareness Advocate

A successful actress, Robin Givens long oscillated between a glamorous movie star life and the domestic abuse she suffered at home. Today, she speaks out about the abuse she suffered,…


Naomi Judd

Grammy-Winning Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Activist

From humble beginnings as a single Mom in a small Kentucky town to her meteoric rise as a country music superstar and American icon, Naomi Judd's incredible life-long journey is…


Trisha Meili

Author of "I Am the Central Park Jogger," A Story of Healing after a Brutal Attack

Trisha Meili's story is about the capacity of the human body and spirit to heal. It's a story of hope and possibility. It didn't begin that way. On April 19,…


Judge Marilyn Milian

The People's Court. She is the first Latina arbitrator to preside over a court show

Let the record show that Judge Marilyn Milian returns to the courtroom of "The People's Court" as the longest judge to preside over the highly rated courtroom series. Milian continues…


Mildred D. Muhammad

Domestic Violence Survivor, Activist & Author

Mildred D. Muhammad is an Awarded Global Recognized Keynote Speaker, Speaker for the US Dept of State, Certified Consultant w/Office on Victims of Crime, CNN Contributor, Domestic Abuse Survivor, Advocate,…


T. Rodgers

Award-Winning and “Certified Community Gangologist

T. Rodgers's is the first ever validated ex-gang leader to train L.A.P.D Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (C.R.A.S.H.). He’s also trained the L.A Sheriff’s’ O.S.S. (Operation Safe Streets), Oregon State…


Esmeralda Santiago

Renowned Puerto Rican Author, Writer, Actress and Filmmaker

Esmeralda Santiago was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She came to the United States at thirteen, the eldest in a family that would eventually include eleven children. Ms. Santiago…


Devyn Simone

Dating Expert and from MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn. Co-host of Love At First Swipe on TLC

Devyn Simone is a dating expert, matchmaker, and the executive producer, co-creator, and co-host of Love At First Swipe on TLC. In Love At First Swipe, Devyn Simone and Clinton…


Kemba Smith

Abuse Survivor & Author

Growing up as an only child in Richmond, Virginia, Kemba Smith Pradia graduated high school and continued her education at prestigious Hampton University. What happened to Kemba in her new…


Joe Torre

One of the Greatest Managers in Baseball History. Major League Baseball's Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations; Co-Author of Three Best-Selling Books

Joe Torre is Major League Baseball's Chief Baseball Officer, overseeing areas that include Major League Operations, On-Field Operations, On-Field Discipline and Umpiring. Appointed to his role by Commissioner Allan H.…


Linda Villarosa

Linda Villarosa runs the journalism program at CCNY. A former editor and contributing reporter for the New York Times, she also served as the executive editor of Essence Magazine

Linda Villarosa is a professor, freelance writer and editor. Professor Villarosa runs the journalism program at CCNY. A former editor and contributing reporter for the New York Times, she also…