Social Change & Human Rights


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Hawa Abdi

Human Rights Activist and Physician Founder and Chairperson, Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation

Hawa Abdi is a Somali human rights activist and physician, and Somalia’s first female gynecologist. She is the founder and chairperson of the non-profit Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation, which Dr.…


Rebecca Adamson

Cherokee Businessperson and Advocate. She is former director, former president, and founder of First Nations Development Institute and the founder of First Peoples Worldwide

Rebecca Adamson, a Cherokee, is the founder and president of First Nations Development Institute. She has worked directly with grassroots tribal communities and as a national advocate of local tribal…


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Renowned Political Leader; Human Rights Activist; Best-selling Author

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1969. The daughter of a political opponent of the Somali dictatorship, Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up in exile, moving from Saudi…


Aida Alvarez

Award-Winning Journalist, a successful investment banker, and a member of President Clinton’s Cabinet

The Honorable Aida Alvarez has been an award-winning journalist, a successful investment banker, and a member of President Clinton’s Cabinet.  She currently serves on the boards of Oportun, Zoosk, and…


Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Ghanaian Undercover Journalist; Founder, Tiger Eye Media. Zanetor Voted 2016 Most Influential Ghanaians

Anas Aremeyaw Anas is an undercover journalist, attorney and private detective working in Ghana and across the African continent. In disguise, he finds his way into asylums, brothels, prisons, orphanages…


Erika Andiola

Immigration Rights Activist and Political Director, Our Revolution

Erika Andiola is the Chief Advocacy Officer for RAICES and former Press Secretary for Latino Outreach for Bernie 2016. She started her community organizing experience when she co-founded the Arizona…


Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr

Recognized four times as one of the 100 Most Influential Hispanics in America

Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. president and executive director of the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute, Under Andrade's direction, the Institute has trained 200,000 present & future leaders, registered 2 million new…


Oscar Arias

Former President of Costa Rica & Nobel Laureate

Oscar Arias, two-time President of Costa Rica and 1987 Nobel Peace laureate, holds international stature as a spokesperson for the developing world. Championing such issues as human development, democracy, and…


Karen Armstrong

Author and Thinker on the Role of Religion in the Modern World

Karen Armstrong is the most original and inclusive speaker on the role of religion in the modern world. Her bestselling books, including "A History of God," and sought-after talks examine…


Bol Aweng

Lost Boys of Sudan

Bol Aweng, one of the 35,000 so-called Lost Boys who fled southern Sudan during the second Sudanese Civil War. Aweng will detail his life then and now. As a six…


Ayinde Jean- Baptiste

Son of the African Diaspora: Reclaiming Revolutionary Black Pasts Toward Revolutionary Human Futures

Ayinde Jean Baptiste is neither an entertainer nor the next ‘great black leader’. He is a Sanba, a Kreyol appellation which encompasses poet/ griot/ keeper of memory/ servant of truth.…


Ishmael Beah

Activist; Storyteller from Sierra Leone; Author, "A Long Way Gone"

Ishmael Beah is a human rights activist and author of the powerful memoir A Long Way Gone (Sarah Crichton Books, 2007) which recounts his childhood journey through war-torn Sierra Leone.…


Kristin Beck

Retired U.S. Navy SEAL and Civil Rights Activist for LGBT. She came out as a transgender woman at the age of 45

Since the time Kristin Beck was in the 3rd grade, she knew that she identified as a woman. She got caught wearing her sister’s dress a few times and received…


Donna Brazile

Veteran Democratic Political Strategist, Adjunct Professor, Author and Syndicated Columnist

Donna Brazile Veteran Democratic Political Strategist; Analyst, CNN and Contributor, ABC News Veteran Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile is an adjunct professor, author, syndicated columnist, television political commentator, vice chair…


Tony Brown

Journalist, Academian, Comedian and Businessman

This media entrepreneur has been an innovator in many areas. Tony Brown has distinguished himself as a producer, bestselling author, educator, radio host, television commentator and film director. Now, he…