ESPN’s Jemele Hill to speak at TEDxPSU

Sports journalist for ESPN, Jemele Hill, has been announced as the second speaker for TEDxPSU, according to a press release from TEDxPSU.

“TEDxPSU’s theme of Push to Start symbolizes materializing your purpose, your scholarship and the individual you wish to become by working through hardships, adversity and anything one deems as an obstacle,” President and Curator of TEDxPSU Ebony Turner said via email.

Hill embodies this theme because she is brave, humble and intelligent, as evidenced by her decorated career as a sports journalist, Turner said.

Hill’s success demonstrates to women of all backgrounds that there is a place for them in any field, Turner said, regardless of the perceived obstacles.

“Jemele has a lot of ideas worth sharing given her amazing career and experience in a field that is not widely represented on many TEDx stages,” Turner said.

TEDxPSU will be releasing the names of speakers every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to the event on March 1, 2015 in Schwab Auditorium.

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