The Derek Jeter interview: How he became No. 2

Ravech: Given that we’re having the number retired, can you go back to when you were growing up? Your first sort of memories of being a baseball player, little league, whatever it was, throwing around the ball in the backyard with your dad?

Jeter: I was, you know, as far back as I can remember, I was a Yankee fan. My mom’s got 13 brothers and sisters, and every summer I’d spend at my grandparents’ house in New Jersey. My grandmother was a huge Yankee fan. So, I would sit up at night with her and watch the games. And that’s where the love affair came about with the Yankees. And I guess the first thing I can remember is playing on a little league team, and we were the Tigers.

Ravech: The Tigers?

Jeter: And I couldn’t have been more disappointed. And I can’t tell you anything else about that season, but I was playing for the Tigers.

Ravech: Was there a Yankees team in that league?

Jeter: No, there wasn’t, which eased the mind a little bit.

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