An Evening with Star Trek


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LeVar Burton

Award-Winning Actor, Writer, Producer, Director & Literacy Advocate

LeVar Burton has been capturing the attention of admiring audiences and industry peers for four decades, and continues to enjoy a career longevity truly rare within the industry. Whether acting,…


John Cho

Renowned Asian-American Actor Known for his Roles in "Selfie," the "Harold & Kumar" Films, "American Pie" & "Star Trek" Series

The son of a Christian minister, he was born Cho Yo Han in Seoul, South Korea on June 16, 1972. The family moved to the United States in 1978, and…


Walter Koenig

Actor. Known for his Role as Chekov in "Star Trek"

Walter Koenig actor, director, screenwriter, novelist, acting professor, and comic book creator was born in Manhattan in 1936 to Lithuanian Russian Jewish parents. Bitten by the acting bug early in…


Nicholas Meyer

Award-Winning Screenwriter, Producer, Author and Director, most known for directing the films Time After Time, two of the Star Trek feature film series

Nicholas Meyer, who directed the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) and contributed to the shooting script for that film. He wrote portions of the screenplay for…


Nichelle Nichols

Officer Lt. Uhura on the legendary TV series "Star Trek"

Nichelle Nichols began her professional singing and dancing career in her home town, Chicago, at the tender age of 14. As a teenager she was discovered by the great Duke…


Zachary Quinto

Actor Known for his Role as Spock in the "Star Trek" Reboot and Active Supporter of Gay Rights

Zachary Quinto grew up in Pittsburgh. He began performing and studying there as a child, but what started as a hobby quickly evolved into a vocation and he eventually matriculated…


William Shatner

Emmy-Award Winning Actor; "Star Trek" and "Boston Legal"

William Shatner has cultivated a career that has spanned over 50 years as professional actor, director, producer, screenwriter, recording artist, author and horseman. He is one of pop culture’s most…


Brent Spiner

Actor, Comedian and Singer. Best known for his portrayal of the android, Lieutenant Commander Data, in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation

Brent Spiner, whose primary claim to fame is his portrayal of the beloved android Data on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987), was born and raised in…


George Takei

Actor, "Star Trek" Star and Community Activist

George Takei, a Japanese American who—from age 4 to 8—was unjustly imprisoned in two US internment camps during World War II, is an outspoken supporter of human right issues and…


An Evening With Star Trek

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