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Tom Gruber

Co-Founder, CTO and VP Design of Siri

Tom Gruber is an innovator in technologies that augment human intelligence, individually and collectively. Applying ideas from Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Design, his work has explored how connecting people…


Refik Anadol

World-Renowned Artificial Intelligence Artist

Refik is the leading media artist and expert specializing in big data visualization artworks through the aid of A.I., specifically, the application of machine and deep learning. His installations address…

Tanmay Bakshi | PDA Speakers

Tanmay Bakshi

TED & Keynote Speaker, AI/ML Systems Architect, Author and Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor

Tanmay Bakshi is a 16-year-old Canadian author, media personality, AI & ML Systems Architect, TED & Keynote speaker, Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning, and IBM Champion for Cloud.


Tim Berners-Lee

Inventor of the World Wide Web, President and Founder, Open Data Institute

Named one of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Important People of the 20th Century,” one of the UK’s "100 Greatest Britons,” and one of the world's "Most Influential Thinkers”, Sir Tim…


Cheryl Cran

Founder, NextMapping™/, Future of Work Expert, CEO, Synthesis at Work Inc. , Bestselling Author

Named as a #1 future of work influencer, Cheryl Cran engages audiences on the trends and technologies shaping the future workplace today, the strategies to proactively map the future as a…


Walter Isaacson

Best-Selling Author; Acclaimed Historian and Journalist; Professor of History, Tulane University

Walter Isaacson is a Professor of History at Tulane and an advisory partner at Perella Weinberg, a financial services firm based in New York City. He is the past CEO…


Nick Jankel

Leadership Futurist, Transformation Catalyst, Thought Leader on Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA)

Nick Jankel is a highly sought-after and accomplished international keynote speaker

Shivvy Jervis | PDA Speakers

Shivvy Jervis

Futurist Speaker and Broadcaster

Meet one of Europe's only female, Asian Forecasters studying the intersection of three areas - digital breakthroughs, scientific discoveries and brain chemistry.


Michio Kaku

Renowned Theoretical Physicist, Co-Founder, String Field Theory, New York Times Bestselling Author of Physics of the Impossible

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. As co-founder of String Field Theory, Dr. Kaku carries on Einstein’s quest…


Kaihan Krippendorff

Founder of Outthinker, Growth Strategy Consulting Firm, Bestselling Author of Four Business Strategy Books, Top Business Strategy Keynote Speaker

Kaihan Krippendorff has made a commitment to helping organizations and individuals thrive in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological change. He began his career as a strategy consultant with McKinsey…


Phil Libin

Co-Founder & CEO, All Turtles, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup Studio, Co-Founder, Evernote, Global Productivity Tool

Phil is a co-founder and the CEO of All Turtles, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup studio. He is also the co-founder and former CEO of the global productivity tool Evernote,…

Joseph Lubin | PDA Speakers

Joseph Lubin

Founder and CEO, ConsenSys, blockchain venture studio

Joseph Lubin is a Co-Founder of Ethereum—the most superior advanced blockchain platform by size, functionality and application—and founder of ConsenSys, one of the largest and fastest-growing blockchain companies in the…


Jerry Michalski

Futurist & Thought Leader on Trust and Sensemaking, Advisor, Consultant and Consigliere, Founder, Open Global Mind, Unique: Curator of the world's largest mind map

Jerry Michalski helps people see the future differently. As a top tech analyst during the Dot-Com era, Jerry helped shape the worlds of software and online services, paving the way…


Jacob Morgan

Leading Authority on the Future of Work, Employee Experience, & Leadership, Futurist, 3x Best-Selling Author, Founder of The Future of Work University

After having terrible jobs working for other people Jacob went off on his own to research and explore how work and everything we know about it is changing. Today Jacob…

Yuval Noah Harari | PDA Speakers

Yuval Noah Harari

Bestselling Author, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Prof. Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.