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Antoine van Agtmael

Antoine van Agtmael

Author, "The Emerging Markets Century"

Each year we are buying more planes from Brazil's Embraer, refrigerators from China's Haier appliance maker, smart cell phones from Taiwan's HTC, and gas from Russia's Gazprom. How have these…

Liz Claman | PDA Speakers

Liz Claman

Anchor, Fox Business Network

Veteran business broadcaster Liz Claman has reported on every bull and bear market in the last 20 years. Whether on the ground in New York City or at the World…


Paul Depodesta

Chief Strategy Officer of the NFL's Cleveland Browns & Former Manager of MLB's Los Angeles Dodgers; Subject of "Moneyball"

The "Moneyball" methodology has revolutionized every industry—from Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies to government and healthcare.

Harold Ford JR.

Harold Ford JR.

Former U.S. Representative & Political Pundit for MSNBC and CNBC

Ford’s charisma and razor-sharp wit takes audiences right into the heart of Washington’s inner sanctum, bringing clarity to the intricacies of the 2016 Presidential Election and shedding light on the…

David Kidder | PDA Speakers

David Kidder

Co-founder and CEO of Bionic, New York Times Best Selling Author, Managing Partner at Alt Option Return, Angel Investor, and former Co-founder of Clickable and SmartRay Networ

As unprecedented transformation disrupts even the most established of companies, the new corporate leader must not only create a structure that supports innovation—they must also adopt the radical mindsets that…

Michael lewis | PDA Speakers

Michael Lewis

Best-Selling Author of The Premonition, The Blind Side, Moneyball, and The Big Short

A sharp observer of politics, finance, and the evolution of American culture, Michael Lewis combines keen insight with his signature wit, making him one of today’s leading social commentators. Lewis’…

P.J O'Rourke

P.J. O'Rourke

Leading Political Satirist, Best-Selling Author & Op-Ed Contributor, The Washington Post

O’Rourke covers current events, combining the skill and discipline of an investigative reporter with a comedian’s sense of the absurd and the stupid. Known as a hard-bitten, cigar-smoking conservative, he,…

Jaime Rogozinski | PDA Speakers

Jaime Rogozinski

Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of WallStreetBets

Jaime Rogozinski is a visionary entrepreneur. Over the past 16 years Jaime has started multiple successful companies, mainly in tech and finance fields that he has help build from the…

Howard Stringer

Sir Howard Stringer

Chairman of the Board, Sony Corporation

Leadership. It’s the key to success no matter what your field or industry. It navigates your company through the uncertainty of today’s ever-changing corporate waters and it empowers your workforce…