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Sadie Robertson Huff

Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Influencer, Actor, Blogger, Philanthropist and World-Changer

These are just some of the words that describe television and media personality Sadie Robertson Huff. Robertson Huff is a speaker, influencer, media personality and author.

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Media darling Sadie Robertson Huff has grown up in front of America becoming one of the most charming, authentic and impacting people of her generation with more than 5 million followers across various social platforms. Robertson Huff views her platform as a means through which to benefit the world by responding to its areas of greatest need.

Robertson Huff is committed to making the world a better place and lives this commitment in various ways, including partnerships with World Vision, the World Food Program, and Help One Now and her relationship with Roma Boots, whose mission is to “Give poverty the boot!” Amid her busy life, she makes philanthropy a priority and takes time to personally minister to children and orphans around the world. She has been privileged to work in various nations, including the Dominican Republic, Somalia, Peru, Haiti, Uganda, Guatemala, and more to help inspire and create long-lasting, sustainable change.

Robertson Huff’s entrepreneurial spirit and flair for fashion has led her to develop a line of prom dresses with designer Sheri Hill and new clothing for her Live Originalbrand.

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