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Pennies Going in Raw: Dan Knight & Mitch Hennessey

Hosts, Pennies: Going in Raw Podcast

Dan Knight (publicly known as Dan, Deity of Dips), a 26 year old content creator and day-trader, created & hosts the biggest and fastest growing Stock Market podcast, Pennies: Going in Raw. Dan realized that the stock community lacked fun, and immediately began creating videos to lighten the mood of the everyday trader. The success of…

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Mitch Hennessey, known publicly as his alias Hugh Henne, is a self-made millionaire, founder of the private wealth firm Hennessey Capital Management, and co-host of PGIR, the world’s #1 Stock Market Podcast. Mitch’s passion for trading stocks started in high school after being diagnosed with a heart condition that forced him to step away from playing sports. At the age of 21, he decided to challenge himself to turn a $50,000 portfolio into $1,000,000 as fast as possible. He successfully exceeded that goal in just under 4 months. His success, talent, and love for the stock market inspired him to pass on his knowledge, through his podcast, to aid the everyday person in their quest to obtain financial freedom. He created Hugh Henne with the intention of helping others open Roth IRAs, easily understand the stock market, and to give back to a community that has given so much to him. Today, he has become a multimillionaire grossing close to 10 million and counting. Within his past 4 trading years, he has annualized a 1,000% return each year. As Hugh Henne, his main goal is to help the “little guys” get ahead in the world.

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