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Award-Winning Speaker and Show “Hypnotized” is a critically acclaimed hypnotic masterpiece that is considered the best of it's kind in the world

It all started when Michael Anthony was 9 years old, and it started all wrong. He stole a deck of playing cards from a store near his home and was thrown in jail. When the police officer that lived across the street from Michael’s family heard what had happened, he decided to teach Michael a…

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It all started when Michael Anthony was 9 years old, and it started all wrong. He stole a deck of playing cards from a store near his home and was thrown in jail. When the police officer that lived across the street from Michael’s family heard what had happened, he decided to teach Michael a lesson. He came to Michael’s home, put him in the back of his police car, drove him to the county jail and locked him up for about 30 minutes, but it felt like years to a scared 9 year old. A valuable lesson learned and with no felony charges.

But it was those cards, those 52 pieces of pasteboard that intrigued Michael. They started him on a quest of twisting reality, shattering perception and melting minds. The sleight of hand, the sleight of mind and the mental gymnastics became Michael’s obsession. Michael attended Canada’s Niagara College and then went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian suggestion. Michael took a job with General Motors, but his passion pushed him to go after what he loved, entertainment.

Michael woke up one day and decided that he was going to quit his job and start presenting his Mind Games full time, and he did! Michael quickly rose in the entertainment world and became known for his charismatic presence on stage and his ability to entertain audiences with his mastered art. Throughout the years, Michael has presented in 48 states and four continents. He’s been nominated Entertainer of the Year seven times from CA Magazine (an industry magazine), performed in Las Vegas and has been seen on CBC, ABC, NBC and Fox.

A student of success and persuasion techniques, Michael parlayed his unique abilities with training others how to reach their goals, persuade and lead. Michael created The Totally Mental Makeover, which is a widely received, hilarious and inspiring keynote presentation that combines Michael’s hilarious mind boggling mental stunts with a powerful, high content message. Your mind will be blown and inspired at the same time. Michael uses his three-pronged approach of belief, tenacity and expectation to motivate audiences to overcome obstacles, accept no limitations and to continually reach higher.

Less than a year ago, Michael received a kidney transplant. He was one of the first of a handful to be selected for a clinical research program in which he received not only a kidney but a stem cell transplant and bone marrow transplant from his donor (Who happens to be his awesome brother). It was both an exhausting and exhilarating experience, which is proving to be the Holy Grail of organ transplant protocols. Michael continues to be one of less than a dozen people in the world living with a transplanted organ without the need of life long anti-rejection medications.

Michael resides in Tampa, FL, with his wife, daughter and far too many pets. And to this day when he needs playing cards, he buys them like everybody else.

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    Totally Mental Makeover
    Available in Motivation, Leadership & Sales versions.
    Get ready for great content and a whole lot of fun. Michael C. Anthonys Totally Mental Makeover is an inspiring keynote program that entertains your group while motivating them to reach for the next level. Their minds will be inspired and blown at the same time. And how does this happen? Michael uses his unique style of comedy mind reading to extend the reach of his message. Your audience will be stunned as Michael predicts how much change a spectator has in his pocket. Theyll gasp as he tells somebody else what word they are thinking of. He will even send you a sealed envelope that will predict what you will wear to the event. Hard to Believe? Believe it.

    But thats only the beginning. Interlaced throughout the comedy and hijinx is a high content message that will challenge your participants to push forward and accept no limitations.

    The content is based on Michaels three-point cut-to-the-chase model of belief, tenacity and expectation. He shares stories and uses the humor as a metaphor to make the points hit home.

        Belief – Participants are taught to believe in themselves, in their abilities and in their organization. Our beliefs are the most powerful success strategy we can ever have.

        Tenacity – The importance of hard work, perseverance and a never stop, never give up attitude is what separates high achievers from those that give up.

        Expectation – Michael expresses the importance of expecting great results. A person rarely achieves more than he/she expects to achieve. Expect the best and get it. ML King.

    Michael doesnt believe in delivering a dull message. He believes people learn more when they are laughing. They should be intrigued and sitting on the edge of their seats wanting more.

    How to Read Minds by Reading Bodys
    Michael C. Anthonys hilarious and interactive lecture, Body Language Secrets will give you an unfair advantage in the real world. 55% of all communication is non-verbal and only 7% is the actual words we use. Understanding what employers, professors, friends and colleagues are saying without knowing it is a crucial skill to have.

    Now you can know what others are thinking simply by understanding their body language and just as importantly you will learn to change your own body language to speak to others without saying a word. In this lecture you will learn:

        The different types of handshakes and which to use
        Eye accessing cuesbecome a human lie detector
        What crossing your legs says about you
        If that other person is interested in you?
        What your walk says about you
        How to ace a job interview through mirroring
        Why your smile is your most effective asset

    All Stressed Out and No One to Choke

    Breakout Session

    If you have attendees that deal with stress and anxiety, this session is a MUST!

    All Stressed Out and No One to Choke is Michaels humorous yet insightful look at how to handle and conquer stress. Weve all experienced stress. Many experience stress daily and for long periods of time. This is very unhealthy.

    This standing room only breakout session will teach several techniques and insights to allow attendees to be in charge of their stress instead of stress being in charge of them.


        A Values Hierarchy: Once we learn what is truly our most important values, we will discover which areas of our lives to strictly protect from stress.
        Breathing: A specific technique on how to breathe in an effective way that will make your stress vanish almost immediately.
        The Head Hanging Technique: This technique will show the user a simple exercise that will relax your body dramatically and relieve tension in your neck, back and arms.
        The Clench Technique: This technique is almost like an instant massage. It can be done while sitting at a desk.

    Sleight of Mind
    Michaels show Sleight of Mind is his entertainment only presentation. There is no content in this program unless you would like a small piece put in on the end.

    Imagine Thought of words are revealed. Predictions made months before Michaels program will unfold right before your eyes. Michael will even predict what your President/CEO will wear to the event. Michael will have you call a friend with your cell phone and Michael will even tell your friend what they are thinking. He will even play a game of lie detector with four volunteers and determine whos a good liar and who isnt. All in good fun of course.

    Sleight of Mind is a laugh a minute, mind boggling presentation that your participants wont soon forget.

    How does hypnosis actually work?
    Hypnosis it at work when a person is processing information subconsciously instead of consciously. The conscious mind is very judgmental and the unconscious is more accepting and able to believe suggestions.

    Can anyone be hypnotized?
    Sure, you are hypnotized regularly and don’t know it. When you drive a car you can “zone out” and be consciously unaware. This is because driving is a very routine exercise and can be taken over by the subconscious. This phenomenon is referred to as highway hypnosis. Researchers say we go into some state of hypnosis about every 7 minutes. Hypnosis is also at work when you read a book or watch a movie. You become very involved on a deep level and can become completely unaware of your surroundings. Daydreaming is also a great example of hypnosis at work.

    How long do suggestions last on a person?
    This depends on the style of hypnosis being used. If it’s therapeutic hypnosis, the suggestions last permanently. For example a person going through a hypnosis session to lose a phobia of spiders will lose that phobia permanently through this style of hypnosis. If it’s stage hypnosis, the effects are temporary because the suggestion are very bizarre and the subconscious mind won’t hold onto crazy ideas very long.

    How did you get into hypnosis?
    My uncle (Joe Lamonica) was a stage hypnotist. I got interested through him. He taught me some things and then I went from there and took it to the crazy place it is now. It’s a strang job, but somebody has to do it.

    Is it a special power?
    Not at all. It’s an art form. Hypnosis can be learned by anyone. Just like a guitar player has to practice his instrument to become an expert. Hypnosis must be practiced to master. Although it’s easier than playing guitar. For more information on learning stage hypnosis, go to


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