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Juan Williams

Award-Winning Journalist, Healthcare Authority

Juan Williams, Political Analyst, Fox News Channel; Author, We the People: The Modern-Day Figures Who Have Reshaped and Affirmed the Founding Fathers’ Vision of America; Drawing on his nearly 10 years with Fox News, 10 years as senior national correspondent for NPR, and more than 20 years at the Washington Post, Juan Williams knows the…

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Juan Williams, Political Analyst, Fox News Channel; Author, We the People: The Modern-Day Figures Who Have Reshaped and Affirmed the Founding Fathers’ Vision of America; Drawing on his nearly 10 years with Fox News, 10 years as senior national correspondent for NPR, and more than 20 years at the Washington Post, Juan Williams knows the American political landscape.

Here’s a chance to get his unfiltered views on Republicans, Democrats, media, race relations and the country as a whole. Related to his new book, he’ll also give his take on what the Founding Fathers and such notables as Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall, Martin Luther King and Betty Friedan would think of America today. Williams will discuss how each of these modern-day founders has extended the Founding Fathers’ original vision and changed fundamental aspects of our country, from immigration to the role of American labor in the economy, from modern police strategies to the importance of religion in today’s political discourse.

Williams has interviewed numerous influential people and presidents over the course of his career, including presidents Obama, Clinton, Reagan, and both Bushes. A recipient of several awards for his writing and investigative journalism, he also won an Emmy Award for television documentary writing and has received widespread critical acclaim for a series of documentaries, including: “Politics: The New Black Power” and “A. Phillip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom.” Additionally, he is the author of six books, including the non-fiction bestseller Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965 and Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary.

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    CROSSROADS: A Conversation about America’s Future – Featuring Cal Thomas & Juan Williams
    In this exciting new presentation, news icons Juan Williams and Cal Thomas debate about the most important issues driving America’s future and our political leadership. In a fair and balanced format, these two trusted voices explore the question on every American’s mind: Why do our political leaders consistently fail to meet on common ground to solve our most critical problems? With more than 60 collective years of experience at the frontlines of American politics, Thomas and Williams invigorate audiences with their knowledge, passion, humor, and clear commitment to presenting the facts rather than just holding to party lines. Truly dedicated to finding a way in which we can effectively lessen the divide on such monumental issues as race, economy, education, healthcare, and foreign policy, these two examine the qualities and shortcomings of our political process, how elections are affected, and how those in the positions of power act. In what is sure to be one of the most motivating and empowering programs ever to hit the stage about American politics and the progression of the election process, audiences will leave with a new understanding of the political landscape, inspired to engage in helping shape our future.

    The Latest from Washington: An Insider’s View
    The dance of politics is no game. Its players control the rhythm of the nation, and the decisions they make can get so personal, a bad one sometimes feels like somebody’s stepping on your toes. Today’s politics are so complicated and confusing, it’s all just a cacophony of corporate interests, special interest groups, partisanship, stagnation, scandals, etc., .…it just goes on and on. The media sure doesn’t help. Every issue’s solution varies from channel to channel, and paper to paper – each expressing its own interests. It has gotten so bad that the media is now alienating instead of informing, making us all feel like wall flowers. Well, when it comes to the Potomac two-step…Juan Williams doesn’t dance.

    Whether Juan is at the White House dinner table, or in the back booths of Washington, he always gets the scoop. Williams equates his insider position to being in the dug-out, rather than the stands, where most journalists are – in the cheap seats with us, the public. William’s dug-out analogy is perfect, as he is always close enough to the “deciders” to hear their game plans, see what’s coming, and feel the pressures they are under. Juan is always in the right place at the right time to give us the understanding that very few have. In this keynote, Williams exposes and illustrates the whole story because of his position behind the scenes. This has consistently been one of the most popular speech programs in America, year in and year out.

    The Fierce Face of Moderation: Battering Ram & Gridlock Buster
    Moderates have long been castigated as “softies” with little will power of their own. But as Republicans and Democrats in Washington further dig their heels on opposite sides of every major political issue, we must realize that extremism prevents us from moving forward as a nation and as a global economy.

    Speaker Juan Williams proves that problem solvers and negotiators – “moderates” – are, in fact, radicals whose beliefs align with those of the majority of Americans. In this presentation, he discusses such major national issues as healthcare, education, government debt, and social problems and provides solutions to these based in compromise. He also identifies the key national issues that will impact your specific organization and provides solutions to navigating those changes.

    Williams embraces our nation’s legacy of compromise – one that has allowed us to achieve some of our greatest accomplishments – and urges us to champion moderation as a way to move forward into new and exciting territory.

    Eyes on the Prize
    The Civil Rights years are widely considered to be the most turbulent time in recent American history. This struggle has evoked the full spectrum of human behaviors – from compassion, to oppression – setting the stage for sweeping reform in race relations. Juan Williams’s most acclaimed book, Eyes on the Prize is not only an inspired chronicle of the movement, it stands as the definitive history of the era, and as required reading in our schools as one of the basic texts on civil rights. Now, more than a quarter of a century later, Eyes on the Prize, which has been selling consistently all these years, has not only led to more understanding about racial equality, but it has also led to a personal interview with Nelson Mandela shortly after his release, and a permanent place in the White House library.

    In this presentation, Juan discusses the amazing situation he finds himself (and the nation) in. He not only created a true landmark book, he has also created a quarter century of dialogue and awareness about our nation’s history, which to this day is not only relevant, but repeating itself in clashes between African Americans and the institutions we expect to police crime – not color. Today, people from all walks of life are rediscovering Eyes on the Prize and now have the unique opportunity to connect with its author, ask the tough questions, and truly see where we are, how far we have come, and how far we have yet to go.

    Health Care Exchanges
    Although some in the healthcare industry are in support of Obamacare, many are still in need of understanding what factors, such as the flow of new benefits, the Medicare and Medicaid debt and discontent with the status quo, are influencing the various attitudes towards the health care exchanges. Williams explains that as long as we have the health care exchange programs, government will always have a hand in our medical care. Currently millions have gained improved policies that cover preventative care and preexisting medical conditions, but many policy makers are still in disagreement as to if this will be a realistic plan on fixing the nation’s costly health care system. With a view from Washington, Williams will share a behind the scene perspective as Obamacare continues to move forward.


    On Topic with Ken Starr and Juan Williams


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