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John Kim

Licensed Therapist and Author

John Kim is a licensed therapist, speaker, and author of best sellers, I Used to Be a Miserable F*ck and Single. On Purpose. He is a writer for Psychology Today among other publications and has been featured in NPR, The New York Post, and Armchair Expert.

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John Kim is anything but conventional. After a divorce and subsequent personal renaissance, Kim revolutionized the online coaching movement through his blog, The Angry Therapist. While therapists are traditionally trained to sit back and listen, Kim shook up the self-help space with his active and transparent approach. Not only does he foster trust by humanizing himself and admitting his own vulnerabilities, but he also creates personal connections by reaching out to clients on their own turf—be it coffee shops, hiking trails, or Cross Fit gyms. Kim shifts the therapeutic model by coming with clients instead of at them.

Kim harnesses technology to help clients across the globe. His long-running podcast, The Angry Therapist Podcast, delivers ten-minute lessons— self-help in a shot glass. His virtual wellness program, TAT Lab, boasts hundreds of wellness classes and offers innovative motivation through accountability texts and weekly challenges.

Kim’s convenient, authentic approach—characterized by relatable, and sometimes irreverent, anecdotes—builds bonds with the power to reach through screens and change lives. Today he lives in Altadena, California, and is raising a daughter with his girlfriend.

With his signature no-nonsense approach that will make you laugh and think, Kim takes you on a rugged, rough and tumble road trip of self-exploration and discovery, sharing his wisdom and insights. The transition from misery to meaning is an internal process that requires work: reflection, pain, courage, and sometimes, a rebirth. With John as your guide, you will love hard, walk tall, and find a life filled with purpose and passion.

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