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CEO & Contributor, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dan Clark is CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, an internationally recognized Speaker, Entertainer, Songwriter/ Recording Artist and New York Times Best Selling Author. Since 1982, Dan has spoken to more than 3 million people in over 4,000 audiences, in all 50 states, and in 30 foreign countries. Achievers North America and Achievers Europe named…

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Dan Clark is CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, an internationally recognized Speaker, Entertainer, Songwriter/ Recording Artist and New York Times Best Selling Author. Since 1982, Dan has spoken to more than 3 million people in over 4,000 audiences, in all 50 states, and in 30 foreign countries. Achievers North America and Achievers Europe named Dan one of the Top Ten Speakers in the World!

Dan is the primary contributing author to the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and author of twenty of his own best selling books, including “Puppies for Sale” which was made into a film at Paramount Studios starring the late Jack Lemmon. Dan has been published in more than 30 million books in 30 languages worldwide!

Dan suffered a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career. Sixteen doctors told him he would not recover, but recover he did! Since then, Dan has flown in fighter jets twice the speed of sound, raced automobiles in Germany and was honored to carry the Olympic Torch in the 2002 Winter Games. Dan has been the general session speaker at the United Nations World Congress, conducted UN leadership training in Europe, Asia and Russia, and was the keynote speaker at the U.S. Air Force Four Star Generals conference. Dan has spoken to our combat troops all over the world, is a Leadership and Character Development Consultant for the US Armed Forces, has worked with Fortune 500 companies, NASA and Super Bowl champions. Dan’s inspirational story has been featured on over 500 TV and radio shows, in Entrepreneur Magazine and as the feature article in Mayo Clinic Magazine. Dan is one of the most in demand speakers in America and recognized expert on Managing Change, Building Winning Teams and Taking Life To The Next Level!

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    Change – The Hard Is What Makes It Great
    If change was easy, everybody would do it. Change is painful, but pain is a signal to grow not to suffer. Once we learn the lesson the pain is teaching us, the pain goes away. Change from the outside-in is reactive which creates pressure. Change from the inside-out is proactive which creates power. Finding the opportunity in change reveals there is never a financial crisis, only an idea crisis. When we get our idea and attitude right, our abilities will catch up. Creating change is important. For we will not have regrets for things we did, we will only have regrets for things we did not do.

    Increasing Productivity – Taking It To The Next Level
    We’re told to think outside the lines, think outside the box. What if the answers are still in the box? Most come to conventions in search of new answers when what we need are the right answers. None of us can exceed our potential, we just misjudge it. We can only exceed expectations. When we believe if best is possible, good is not good enough and realize it’s what we do when leadership is not around that makes us champions, we reach our full potential and “Take It To The Next Level” – not because it is expected by others, but because it is demanded by ourselves!

    Managing Relationships – Million Dollar Habits
    (In Downsizing or Mergers & Acquisitions, Dan will mesh the remaining personalities into one organization).

    The only place from which a person can grow is where he or she is. We must go where they are physically an emotionally. Only there can we invite them to grow. Herein lies the secret to World Class Leadership, Management, Sales and Customer Service. If price is the issue, it means the presentation was weak and the relationship needs nurturing. Sales is everybody’s business: Customer Service is not a department, it’s an attitudinal habit. We must focus on purposes instead of just setting goals.

    Team Building – Just Win Baby
    Teams lose, winning teams don’t. Whoever said “It’s not about whether you win or lose that counts. . .” probably lost. Companies go bankrupt every day and they are a team. They coach results instead of behavior. They compete against their “Plan” instead of against their competition. No one on the team can confuse Activity with Accomplishment. Winning has two “I’s” in it: Independent Individual Preparation and Interdependent Collaboration. The teams that win have the most “I-players” on them.

    Living A High Performance Life: The Answers Are In The Box!
    We’re told to think outside the lines, to think outside the box. But what if the answers are still in the box? Most complicate their lives and never fulfill their destiny because they think it’s the responsibility of their community and their job to make life exciting and meaningful. They hate their jobs, are “half empty” to themselves and only look forward to Friday instead of Monday. They think they are paid by the hour, when in reality they are paid for the value they bring to that hour. They think success and happiness are found in programs and processes outside themselves, instead of within.

    Consequently, most come to meetings in search of new answers when what we need are the right answers. Right answers have always been right, correct and true, in every industry, and in both our personal and professional lives, or we can’t call them right. And right answers can only come from the right questions.

    In this high energy, motivational, humorous yet high content presentation, Dan asks four provocative questions and delivers four powerful solutions that will take your people to the next level and bring your desired results. Therefore, as a quantifying template to bundle the take away value, Dan builds a four cornerstone box as the container wherein you can put all the facts and feelings of your meeting, take it home, and immediately implement it into your life. The Four Cornerstones are the four “secrets” posed as four questions:

        Cornerstone One: Will You Change Or Stretch?

        Cornerstone Two: Why Should You Stretch? Once we answer why, figuring out the how-to becomes obvious.

        Cornerstone Three: How Do You Stretch?

        Cornerstone Four: When Do You Stretch?

    Pure Motivation: Taking It to the Next Level
    It is not enough to say, “I will do my best.” We must succeed at doing that which is necessary. It is critical, therefore, that we get a regular “check up from the neck up” and laugh, think, feel, and re-energize. Research shows that we learn more, remember more, commit to more, and are more willingly accept the challenges of change when we are entertained!

    Building a Winning Team: Dominating the Competition
    It’s not all about team—teams lose! It’s about winning! Are you working with a group that is confusing activity with accomplishment and realizing that the popular concept of “turning me to we” is not improving your organizational performance? Maybe it’s time to work with someone who has actually played on, coached, and worked with championship teams. Dan Clark loves to share the “Ten Commitments” required to identify, attract, develop, and retain winners, as well as teach others how to continue winning as a unified, well-oiled machine!

    Closing Sales & Creating Customer Delight: Perfecting the Law of Attraction
    Wealth flows through you, not to you! If price and money become the focus of conversation, it means the presentation is weak and the relationship is nonexistent. Anybody can make a presentation. Anyone can serve a customer. Top of the Table professionals have taught Dan Clark that to close a deal and generate repeat and referral business, our relationships must connect both on and off task, with the knowledge that everybody likes to buy, nobody wants to be sold, and everybody likes to do business with a winner!

    Life Changing Leadership: Transforming from Successful to Significant
    What if great is not good enough? Great is not always best—it’s only ever relevant, depending on what we compare it against. If you could get your hands on the Twelve Highest Laws of the Universe that only game-changing leaders and extreme achievers live by, would you be interested?


    The Four Steps on the Stairway to Heaven by Dan Clark

    Dan Clark 2017 ULCT Annual Address


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