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TC Stalling

Actor/Author/Speaker • "War Room The Movie"

Starring as “Tony Jordan” in the 2015 hit movie “War Room”, T.C. Stallings is an actor, speaker, and author aiming to use all of his gifts to live out his God-given purpose in life. T.C.’s main mission is to simply share the message of Christ and help others recognize the calling that God has placed…

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Starring as “Tony Jordan” in the 2015 hit movie “War Room”, T.C. Stallings is an actor, speaker, and author aiming to use all of his gifts to live out his God-given purpose in life.

T.C.’s main mission is to simply share the message of Christ and help others recognize the calling that God has placed on their lives. He loves studying scripture and asking God to show him an effective way to communicate its true meaning, so people can clearly understand, follow, and obey Him.

T.C. is known for teaching in a very enthusiastic, memorable, and easily understandable style; often using props, audience volunteers, and short videos to help illustrate the messages God gives him.

As a result of simply being passionate about helping people connect with Jesus and understand His calling on their lives, T.C. has been platformed by God through many ways including feature films, television commercials, sports modeling contracts, writing, and speaking opportunities in and out of the country.

Before T.C. began his acting career, he enjoyed a stellar football career in the collegiate and professional ranks. After retiring from football in 2008, he set his sights on film and television. Success as an actor began in 2011 with his role as “TJ” in the movie “Courageous’. Several more movie roles would follow, along with frequent appearances in national commercials including features during the Super Bowl and Olympic Games. With all of his success, a consistent focal point for TC is to always do it without any spiritual compromise.

T.C. debuted as an author in 2015 with a 14 day devotional entitled, “The Pursuit: 14 Ways In 14 Days to Passionately Seek God’s Purpose For Your Life”. He then followed this feat a year later with a 21 week bible study and devotional entitled, “Playing On God’s Team: 21 Week Devotional For Building True Christian Athletes”.

T.C. and his family live in Southern California. He is married to his college sweetheart Levette Stallings, and they have two beautiful children.

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The Pursuit: Becoming Passionate about Pursuing God’s Purpose For Your Life
T.C. shares a true story about a life changing time in his own life…It’s a story about “purpose”, an AMAZING 4 year journey that begin with a seemingly “out-of-nowhere” prompting from the Lord, and ended with T.C. becoming the star of “War Room”–the Kendrick Brother’s 5th feature film. What began as a prayer about T.C.’s purpose, turned into the Lord calling him over 2000 miles away from everything he knew, in order to become everything that God wanted him to be! Through his testimony, videos, pictures, and 14 key scriptures, you will be inspired by T.C.’s story of prayer, trials, faith, and victory while being encouraged to chase after your own God-given purpose!

Playing on God’s Team
T.C. uses AWESOME illustrations to paint a very impressive picture, as he speaks about our role as players on God’s team. As a former pro athlete, T.C. shows us, based on 1st Corinthians 9:24-27, that we are to be God’s spiritual athlete’s–full of strength, endurance, power, courage, and purpose…doing it for a crown that “will last forever”. He uses volunteers, videos and props–all of which make for one unforgettable biblical message that will inspire you to PLAY HARD in the spiritual game of life.

Putting Prayer in the Proper Perspective
TC Stallings, star of the movie “War Room”, brings a message that centers on the heart of the War Room film-PRAYER. Many people live life with prayer as an after-thought, or a last result. TC shares with audiences how one day of prayer changed his life forever, and how he now experiences regularly the most satisfying feeling there is…constant answered prayers from Jesus. In this message, TC will remind everyone how precious, valuable, unstoppable, and dependable the power of prayer truly is. He’ll share what enhances our prayer life and what hinders it. He’ll help us believe in it and be patient with it. Prayer is often viewed improperly and used inconsistently. TC will help us put prayer in the proper perspective.

Living With A Holy Fear God
TC teaches how to live with a balanced view of God, having a holy fear and respect for God, which scripture reveals will certainly lead to wisdom, obedience, integrity, and more spiritual benefits. The bible speaks on fearing God HUNDREDS of times in scripture, and for good reason, because when our love for God fails and we consider sinning in His sight, a holy fear for the one true God can help us stand strong and better follow the leading of The Holy Spirit.

Being A True Christian in The Entertainment Industry
One day, after nearly 5 years of refusing to spiritually compromise his faith in the entertainment industry, TC Stallings woke up to the news that the film in which he was the lead male actor, became the #1 movie in America. TC tells his own personal story of fighting to keep his career clean, in an industry that can make it hard to succeed at doing so. He encourages Christian entertainers of all kinds (or those aspiring to be entertainers) who want to have a God-honoring career that THIS CAN HAPPEN, and has happened for him. He’ll challenge everyone to ask themselves this question before they get involved in any project: Would GOD approve? He also loves to do live Q and A in order to go deeper with the audience.

When Our Goals Are God’s Goals
This is a real game-changer. Something happens when those of us in Christ do one very important thing: surrender OUR plan to God. When we trade in our will for HIS will, the bible has some seriously awesome claims about what happens as a result. It also has some stern warnings for when we don’t. Bottom line, when you ask God to do the goal setting, you are choosing to guarantee reaching that goal. What would happen in your life if you went against conventional wisdom, popular thinking and status quo, and instead chased after the goals that God has set for your life?

A Courageous Journey
T.C. gives an inspiring testimony as he takes you back to his rough childhood, and takes you on his incredible journey of faith leading to his starring role in the movie “Courageous”.

Lights That Bring God Glory
Are you being a light for Christ? The bible says that we are the “light of the world.” Shining for Christ is a commandment, not an option. TC helps listeners understand the ultimate importance of being the light, discusses the things that hinder us from shining effectively, and reminds us of how God gets all the glory when we DO shine for Christ.


T.C. Stallings: Love Is The Greatest Gift

Actor T.C. Stallings Talks Pursuing God's Purpose


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