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Swizz Beatz

Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Record Producer, Disc Jockey, Creative Director, Fashion Designer

Swizz Beatz, Artist. Designer. Producer. Philanthropist. Each label describes Swizz Beatz, but none define him.

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Swizz Beatz, Artist. Designer. Producer. Philanthropist. Each label describes Swizz Beatz, but none define him.

Since composing his first hit record in the early 90s, he’s crafted a career that’s hard to capture in one word, yet easy to understand in another: innovative.

As a producer he’s created hits for a laundry list of music legends including Madonna, Britney Spears, Metallica and Jay-Z. They seek him for his signature sound: brash instrumentals and futuristic beats layered with what’s become his “sound mark:” clever, catchy sound-over’s on a track.

From Beyonce’s, “Ring The Alarm” to Limp Bizkit’s “Rollin'” nearly every song he’s touched has turned to gold, platinum or diamond. As a fashion designer, he’s emerged as beacon for where street culture and luxury meet. At Kid Robot, Beatz has infused art-inspired decadence into the limited-edition apparel and accessories line.

His knack for creative concepts caught the attention of Christian Louboutin, the famed Parisian shoe designer, who invited Beatz to design a capsule collection. The result was a line as ingenious as the man who created them: loafers and high- top sneakers crafted from luxe materials and trimmed in metal spikes.

The debut collection instantly elevated to a cult classic and earned a devoted following from fashionistas and celebs alike including Rihanna. For Swizz, style and sound double as a conduit of inspiration for his art. The aficionado has graduated from an avid art enthusiast, to collector and now painter.

He counts original works by Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol among his collections. Yet, as an artist, his largest influence remains Jean-Michel Basquiat whose kinetic body of work has inspired Swizz’ art. He continues to produce at a rapid pace and recently showed his work exclusively to the Wall Street Journal. Sharing his love of art has taken him full circle, back to his birth place of the South Bronx.

Here’s where he’s adopted Bronx Charter School for the Arts in the neighborhood of Hunts Point. The school, founded by an entrepreneurial group of parents and educators, is aimed at enriching creativity within its students. Since adopting the school earlier this year, at the school’s first art auction, Swizz Beatz helped in raising over twenty-thousand dollars to be used towards supplies and outings. Seamlessly weaving through the parallel worlds of fashion, music, art and philanthropy has become effortless for a creative driven by a deep passion for life.

He’s currently multi-tasking on a myriad of projects including designing a menswear collection for Christian Louboutin, developing a new watch for Audemar Piguet and returning to the studio to work on his next solo album.

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