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Founder, Owner and CEO of WhiteSpace at Work

Juliet Funt, daughter of Candid Camera’s Allen Funt, was born with fun in her blood (and in her name.) She’s a high-energy, hilarious speaker who helps audiences crack the code of the Age of Overwhelm – where nothing we do is ever enough. Her mission is simple: to help people shift the way they think…

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Juliet Funt, daughter of Candid Camera’s Allen Funt, was born with fun in her blood (and in her name.) She’s a high-energy, hilarious speaker who helps audiences crack the code of the Age of Overwhelm – where nothing we do is ever enough. Her mission is simple: to help people shift the way they think about daily pressures and responsibilities so they can prioritize their time, reach their goals, and be present and peaceful enough to live life to the fullest.

People are overwhelmed by the wildfire pace of life, by excruciating work/life balance choices and by mounting piles of work. They need more than tips
and a funny professional speaker, they need a personal guide who’s powerful combination of compassion and tough love gets them making real changes. And people use more of Juliet’s tools in real life because you don’t have to climb Everest to identify – just be struggling with the pressures of everyday life – as we all are.

From the moment Juliet takes the stage, your audience will be smiling as she lifts their heavy load of stress and gently serves up practical strategies for managing time, work, and life’s overwhelming commitments. But, her magic really shows thirty seconds after the end of a program. The audience is changed. They’ve been injected with energy. Some have aftershocks of laughter. Some huddle, intimately downloading ah-ha’s about life, work and what’s important. They are lit up. This is a keynote bull’s-eye. And no-one’s better at hitting one than Juliet Funt.

Since launching her entertainment career at the tender age of two with her
proud father Allen Funt, Juliet has thrilled audiences from coast to coast including the highly prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable. She draws from her experience working as a meeting planner, improvisational comedienne, human resources trainer for the Los Angeles Police Department, and a liaison for a Palestinian/ Israeli peace project.

Juliet is a member of the National Speakers Association and has been featured in the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Shape, L.A. Parent, and Professional Speaker Magazine. She’s written a weekly web column and co-authored two publications, The Communication Path and The Wellness Path. She is currently writing her first book “White Space: The Missing Ingredient for your Technicolor Life”

Juliet earns her own life-balance badge everyday with her thriving business and her three young boys, Jake 7, Alex 4 and Nick 2.

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WhiteSpace® The Missing Ingredient in Your Technicolor Life

Our time is under attack. Meetings, email, and ever-present smart phones
are gobbling it up. The American workforce is so fried it belongs in the food
court of a county fair. Innovation and creativity are withering before the false
god of busyness. And most companies are in passionate denial about the costs of pushing people so hard.

At home, families struggle to connect as grownups multi-task in the evenings, tethered to the office by invisible ropes of worry and expectation. Kids wander
off to find a warm screen of their own. If you’re overcommitted, overwhelmed
and OVER IT, you are not alone.

Here’s the good news. WhiteSpace can change things.

WhiteSpace is time and thought for which we have no plans. Uncommitted,
open, flexible, fluid – time and thought. It’s not so much a tool as an element.
It was always yours – always present – but may have slipped away amidst over-booked calendars and overflowing inboxes.

WhiteSpace and Juliet Funt bring a sigh of relief and a wealth of instantly-applicable tools to your over-busy, multitasking, screen-oriented life — and do
it all with lots of laughter. Juliet’s modular and diverse material provides solutions to support work/life balance, creativity, focus, innovation and performance.

Beginning with a look at the Culture of Insatiability, Juliet lightheartedly deconstructs the ingredients driving the pace and pressure of modern life to its excruciating level. Then, she quickly turns to the abundant solutions found in WhiteSpace.

Armed with WhiteSpace, you will rediscover the joys of tackling challenges at work and savoring precious moments with family and friends. You will learn simple but powerful strategies that enable you to manage your inbox, juggle a dozen projects and shift your point of view from panic to acceptance and from acceptance to mastery.
Some common questions addressed in this rich and topical program include:

How can we create relationships in a digital world?
How can we turn off so we can turn back on with vigor?
How can we deal with the pace and pressure of a typical day?
How can we connect at home so our guilt about balance decreases?
How can we connect more effectively with clients and coworkers?
How can we manage meetings at work so they don’t kill our productivity?
How can we begin making these changes immediately?

Overcome our Culture of insatiability that drives the excruciating pace and pressures of modern life
Prevent your perspectives and habits from contributing to the problem
‘Turn off’ so you can turn back on with vigor
Manage meetings and email so they don’t kill productivity
Create rich relationships in a digital world                                                        
Interact more effectively with clients and coworkers

This hilarious, inspiring and energetic program features a perfectly balanced combination of feel-good fun and instantly-applicable business tools.


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