Sherry Brantley Best-Selling Author and Social Activist

Sherry Brantley, Best-Selling Author

Sherry Brantley, Inspirational speaker and author of the book Choices: The Power Is Within You,Sherry Brantley is known for her dynamic, energetic seminars and workshops. As she states: "I was homeless, jobless, car-less and hopeless--all at the same time, but thankfully not clueless!" Sherry's belief: "We all have a Spiritual, Personal Power. We hav...    

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Sherry Brantley, Inspirational speaker and author of the book Choices: The Power Is Within You,Sherry Brantley is known for her dynamic, energetic seminars and workshops. As she states: "I was homeless, jobless, car-less and hopeless--all at the same time, but thankfully not clueless!" Sherry's belief: "We all have a Spiritual, Personal Power. We have always possessed this power. The power is within us. All of us. Without exception. We can learn to tap into this power on a daily basis, to begin to make positive choices in how our lives should go, resulting in the changes that we want to accomplish.

There is a universal law that states: 'What you focus on in life, you expand in your life.' Begin to focus on what you want to expand in your life!" Start To Exercise Personal Power (STEPP) a program founded by Sherry, is designed to not merely assist people of various backgrounds to realize their potential, goals and purpose in life, but also assist them Sherry Brantley is known for her dynamic, energetic seminars and workshops.
She taught parenting classes for many years through Michigan State University’s “Building Strong Families” program.

Her outstanding trainings and workshop facilitation during the pilot phase of the program allowed Michigan State University to secure support and funding to continue the program for many years.

Sherry’s mission is to assist people to make choices in their lives that effect positive change, by tapping into and utilizing their own personal power while respecting and accepting the personal power of others.

STEPP is a program designed by Sherry that incorporates the easy-to-implement techniques she shares during her workshops and seminars, and which have proven to be successful for participants in many areas of their lives.

Whether writing books related to personal growth, poetry, or her fictional trilogy of work entitled Best of Friends, Sherry is sure to incorporate thought-provoking ideals and concepts which readers are able to connect in order to increases their understanding of their spiritual growth, determine what they’d like to achieve in life, and develop a roadmap to get there.

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A Conversation With Sherry Brantley
Power, Privilege, Progress and Future. How You Can Find Inner Social Activist and Feel Empowered To Be a Change Agent

STEPP: Start To Exercise Personal Power!
Details what Personal Power is, and how one can begin to recognize and utilize it in their lives, by giving tips & techniques that are personalized for each participant. The plan shows how simple the STEPP program is to implement immediately in your life. Describes how we all have a Personal Power that can be utilized on a daily basis to effect positive change in our lives, while accepting and respecting the Personal Power of others.

How To Establish Goals That Are Right For YOU!
Participants are presented with personalized statements and/or questions that will assist them to discern their purpose and/or their passion. Participants learn how to establish goals that are right for them in many different areas: personally, professionally, spiritually, physically and financially. This topic shares how to relegate desired goals into the ‘smaller steps,’ necessary to work successfully toward achieving them, details how to establish reasonable time-frames and has a built-in review process to assist participants to determine if there needs to be any ‘tweaking’ along the way as they complete their goals.

The RAVE Technique!
R.A.V.E. is an acronym for a simple, yet effective 4-Step process to assist participants to focus on specific goals, concerns and challenges they are currently facing. By properly applying the RAVE Technique, participants are able to recognize why they are facing and/or creating particular challenges for themselves. Those who successfully
move through the core benefits of the R.A.V.E. program are able to develop solutions to overcome their personal challenges enabling them to complete their goals.

By the end of this presentation, you will:

1. Recognize your core strengths & identify areas of passion in
your life

2. Understand the powerful potential of your Personal Power &
how to tap into it daily

3. Understand how to develop feasible goals with reasonable

4. Develop a personalized blueprint to begin to implement your
goal plan

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  • Nazareth College
    Everything went wonderfully. Sherry Brantley was fantastic and she was the right choice for us at this time.

    Workshop Participant
    Sherry possesses a rare talent she has just recently allowed herself to offer to the public. Her special gift for words expressed through short stories, poetry and hardhitting news articles relating to real life issues are a testimony to her extraordinary history. She brings a fresh perspective to situations and circumstances we all face but seldom resolve. The S.T.E.P.P. program was borne out of Sherry’s determination to personally take her NO and change it to NOW.”

    Michigan State University
    Ms. Brantley has the uncanny knack of connecting with her audience on so many levels. She truly has a gift for helping others get excited about achieving their goals and then shows them just how to do so!”

    Executive Director, GLHC
    To have Ms. Brantley work in isolation would be a criminal waste of her interpersonal skills. If you hanker to change hearts and minds, turn her loose with people!

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